I am Gwen and mother of 3 beautiful daughters and married to Ronald. I love parties and especially organizing parties, outings, etc. Life is a party and you have to hang the streamers yourself!

Together with Ronald we run two super fun websites in addition to Hippe Tipi's, Hippe Girls and Hippe Boys. This gives us very nice and good contacts with various suppliers and therefore the opportunity to purchase the nicest accessories. This allows us to dress up the themes in a super fun way.

I saw the Tipi parties in America via Instagram and I thought, I want this for my own girls. In the end we arranged teepees and organized a fantastic slumber party for one of our daughters. We have decorated it extra with a large balloon arch and streamers, helium balloons and nice extra accessories. After two years of having to celebrate your birthday in lockdown, it was now really time for a party.

Besides sleeping, you also want to entertain the girls and boys and I had filled boxes with activities.

Games package (cream snout, twister, tropical games
Movie and popcorn package
Karaoke set with playlist,
Bingo with presents,
Beauty packages per child (masks, hair band, foot baths, bath bombs, cream, etc.
Disco playlist with disco lamp.

This way I could always grab a crate and have everything together in one go.

And they slept so well in their cozy tepees, we even had to wake them up, hahaha

Before I knew it the parents were at the door again, how this party had flown by and what happy faces. What beautiful memories were made.

After this party I thought....wow this is fantastic. Every child wants this!

And how nice it is as a mother that you can expand such a slumber party and make it as luxurious as you want. That is why you can rent these packages from us and we will take care of you. This way you as a father and mother can also enjoy and relax a bit.

We rent a location in Velserbroek and you can easily pick up our things there and you can park with us for free. From our location you can easily reach the highway, along the way with the start of a fantastic slumber party.

If you have any questions, doubts or just need some tips, please contact me. I am happy to help you and think along with you. If boys and girls are coming, we can of course also combine themes. Plenty of options and all with the aim of organizing a FANTASTIC slumber party.

I'll see you soon in Velserbroek

Kind regards, Gwen

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Our girls test everything with love! Of course we also sleep in the living room every now and then. We have already tried that theme under the guise of...Mom.